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When a person with a life-limiting illness no longer benefits from curative treatment and one’s life expectancy is limited, hospice is available.  

The hospice philosophy of care treats the person rather than the disease and focuses on dignity and quality of life. The patient and family are cared for by a team of professionals who not only address physical distress, but emotional and spiritual issues as well. Medicare, Medicaid, and most private insurances provide hospice coverage.

People who choose hospice are not giving up, they are focusing on a different set of goals. Though there may no longer be a possibility of curing their illness, they redirect their focus into spending quality time with those they love and finding peace and comfort.

Harbors Home Health & Hospice believes that:

  • Hospice affirms life.

  • Hospice recognizes dying as a process and so our care providers comfort rather than cure.

  • Hospice neither hastens nor postpones death.

  • Hospice provides physical, emotional and spiritual care to terminally ill persons and their families.

  • Hospice helps the terminally ill person maintain quality of life and helps family members through an extremely stressful time in their lives.  

The key is not to wait but to learn about the hospice program. Taking advantage of services early maximizes the benefits of hospice. The best way to learn about everything hospice has to offer is to have a conversation with a trained hospice professional. Please call us to talk on the phone or to schedule an informational visit.

Aberdeen Office…….360-532-5454

Long-Beach Office….360-642-3623

Toll Free Number…..800-772-1319